Saturday, June 23, 2012

Headache Doodling

Butterfly in the mirror

Headache bracelet
Another doodles from the headache


Drawn during an off site training.
This is a doodle from a headache.

Return as Always

Another attempt with MyPaint.
I'm crazy about the photographs in the 40 Example of Minimalist Photography and I feel like I have to try to pain each one of them. 
This one is my favorite.


It was one normal afternoon at the office when suddenly I felt very anxious. 
So I start drawing this. 
People say this doodle shows how complicated I am. 
I don't care :D

Night Sky

Trying to capture the beautiful sight I see everyday on my way home from work.

Lonely Tree

My first attempt with MyPaint

Rule of Third

My first attempt reproducing a photograph with MyPaint.
The real picture was taken from the list of 40 Examples of Minimalist Photography