Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mandala #8

because I am that sick

Mandala #7

Dec 25, 2012
Tuesday night, 11.55 pm
Still About You

Mandala #6

Dec 23, 2012
10.50 pm
About You

Just started drawing mandala again. I know I'm supposed to make it a routine. There should be no more 'trying to find time'. Such excuses won't do me good.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Do you dog-ear or bookmark?

I bookmark. I can't stand people marking the page that they read by folding the upper corner of the page. I'm an avid reader and for some books, I actually make underlines and side notes on the book, but I always try my best to preserve the book condition.

My Mom is an avid reader and she dog-ears all the books she read, which frustrates me.

So, because I'm tired of complaining to her, and because I finally have time during the year-end holiday, and because I finally find the origami paper with printed patterns, I decided to make my own bookmark :D

These are the first ones, origami corner bookmark


You can find the tutorial in this blog. It's pretty easy actually. 

The next one is weaved bookmark, still using origami. 

I was kind of disappointed with the result actually. It wouldn't go straight and it seems it because I'm using the origami paper. I find the tutorial here and looking at the example I don't think it uses the usual origami paper. But I wanted to try to make a combination, so I used the usual origami paper. Since it's not long enough, I put the two sheets together using a glue. Maybe it can be done perfectly with more accurate measuring to make sure each slice is of the same width.

Here's another bookmark using a scrap envelope.

It's pretty simple. Just cut the corner off a clean edge of the envelope and decorate the paper however you like. I color my bookmarks here using the watercolor paint and drawing pens. 

And because I found some sheets of old flower printed napkin among my origami paper, I also made this :D

Oh well, I can say that I'm quite happy with my achievement this holiday :D
Maybe because I'm a bookworm, I'm having sooo much fun making bookmarks and decorating my books. I already have some ideas for another bookmarks and also book covers. But I guess that will have to wait because tomorrow I will have to go back to the real life (read: work). Hopefully I can find some time next weekend for another craft ideas.